Zvíkov Castle Brewery

Zvíkov Brewery is a traditional country coaching inn, brewery and wellness hotel, which attracts customers not only for its exceptional beer, but also for relaxation, wellness, nature, sports, traditional Czech cuisine and unforgettable experiences. Since 1993, this family business has been among the renowned small breweries with a unique location, it is the only inn and restaurant with the possibility of accommodation directly on the access road to the medieval castle Zvíkov.

What were the main reasons of the success?

Microbreweries and craft beer production record unprecedented growth in all markets including the Czech Republic. In addition to a wide range of quality beers, the basis of success is also the combination of beer with local attractions and the creation of comprehensive service packages for customers. This trend has an impact on the development of a new type of tourism, which has become a beer spa, a unique connection between spa and brewery traditions. Zvíkov Brewery has long been reacting to the latest trends and developments on the market, making it one of the most popular and valued small breweries in the Czech Republic today. Favorite lager Golden Swan or Wheat Beer Zvíkovský Rarášek holds numerous awards from Czech degustation competitions.

The first objective of Zvíkov Brewery was to get funding for further development of the family owned brewery so that the company would be able to react to above mentioned trends and offer not only a good beer but also other tourism attractions such as beer spa.

The brewery decided to use equity crowdfunding as a tool that could serve the best to find investors for such business plan. Last year, the Brewery used Fundlift to get funding of 173,000 €, thanks to which the owner managed to finish the relaxation centre with a heated pool, whirlpool and sauna, and also to completely modernize the kitchen.

Today the owner agrees, that in the end the campaign helped the brewery not only to get financing but also to increase the popularity of the brewery even among the people who are not interested in crowdfunding.

As in other crowdfunding campaigns, the internet was the main communicating channel that served as a basic tool to promote the campaign and the possibility to invest in the brewery. They created a presentation video, that promoted the overall project and the goals that the brewery wants to achieve.

Because the funding was a great success, the Zvíkov brewery has decided to gain further funding, which will be used to modernize the furnishings in the main building.

For this development, the company used again a crowdfunding campaign on Czech equity crowdfunding platform https://www.fundlift.cz/. During the crowdfunding campaign they reached more than 96 000 € which was 166 % of the expected amount of required funding.

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