ARTISTIC Project: Your Idea for the Valorization of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Central Europe is an area rich of Intangible Cultural Heritage, that is sometimes not adequately valued and financed. This heritage includes knowledge, traditions, skills and representations, that are typical for a certain region. As those values are important for a regions identity, they usually get passed on to the next generation. Still, sometimes they get lost or stay in secrecy.

Thanks to ARTISTIC project, nearly 80 of the most promising ICHs oriented business ideas will be identified, selected and enhanced to strengthen their identity. They will be supported in their development and led to a final selection of 40 ICH business ideas, specifically taken to crowdfunding campaigns:

We would like to invite you to be part of the project by sharing your idea on one of the following topics:

  • Traditional craftsmanship
  • Oral traditions
  • Performing arts
  • Social practices
  • Knowledge and practices concerning nature

What we offer

In favour of the selected business ideas, training and personalized coaching program will be offered (meetings, individual assistance, small working groups) aimed at drafting/reviewing a Business Plan (AT3.3) focused on valorising both the ICH value of the business idea and the crowdfunding opportunity.

Who can participate

Entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs, that have a business idea linked to ICH assets, living in the Project Area or wanting to get involved/establish in the Project Area.

Evaluation criteria

The Open Call will be launched by each Partner in January, and closed by February 28th. The ICH project ideas will be selected by a local jury of experts whose judgement is unquestionable, within March 14th 2019. The selection will be based on the following criteria.

  • correspondence of the Business idea within UNESCO definition of ICH
  • enhancement and involvement of local resources (enhancement of customs, habtis, traditions and involvement of local territory stakeholders)
  • innovative elements: the idea offers new opportunities or new products/services? Does it facilitate access to new products or services? Does it offer greater effiency and a better impact? Is it innovative from a technological point of view? How much does it engage young generations and use innovative tools such as mktg 2.0? Is it innovative from a social point of view? Does it use innovative distribution channels?
  • proejtk team: availability, within the team, of some or all the skills necessary to realize the idea, credibility and reliability of the project team considering the specific business idea, motivation.
  • network of partners available to sustain the implementation of the project, this network is also of great importance to support the potential crowdfunding campaign
  • sutainability of the idea: ability of the project to attract resources and guarantee its continuity over time
  • marketability of the idea: attractiveness of the idea on the target market.

Let’s valorize and eventually finance your ICH projects and ideas together with the ARTISTIC team! 

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