Training Material for Crowdfunding Consultants and Coaches


Within the framework of the Crowd-Fund-Port project, ikosom – one of our Project Partners – created a comprehensive training material for small and medium sized enterprises to improve their access to capital through online platforms.

In seven modules it explains “Crowdfunding” and how to prepare a successful Crowdfunding-campaign. It is meant to be used by our Project Partners, who are hosting local/regional trainings for SMEs to learn about Crowdfunding, successful campaigns, best practices in building a community and choosing the right Crowdfunding platform.

You find an abridged version of the modules below. Especially if you are working as a Crowdfunding Consultant in Central Europe, you can use this material in your own trainings. To get full access to the seven modules, please register and tell us, who you are and how you plan to use this content.

We will license the material to you for free and after registration, you get access to the full material: a PDF-document with extra comments on how to use the training material in your workshops and coachings and the seven modules as PowerPoint-Document, which you can download and edit before using it.

Commercial use of this content – including but not limited to workshops, online and offline education, books, guidebooks – is also subject to licensing. The authors keep the rights to revoke a license at a later time.


Table of Contents of the Training Material

You are able to download those modules in the download area. (If you are not registered yet, you can register here)

Module 1: Crowdfunding basics
This chapter introduces you to the topic of Crowdfunding and helps you analyse whether an SME is ready for Crowdfunding.

Module 2: Pre-Campaigning
This chapter helps you prepare your Crowdfunding campaign, Crowdfunding material and select the right platform.

Module 3: Campaigning
This chapter focuses on the Crowdfunding Campaign and ways to reach out to your audience.

Module 4: Post-Campaigning
This chapter outlines the steps taken after a successful Crowdfunding campaign.

Module 5: Tools for Crowdfunding
This chapter describes and lists several tools which can help the Crowdfunding campaign.

Module 6: Best Practices
This chapter lists best practices from the Central European Countries.

Module 7: Exercises and resources
This chapter gives additional exercises and resources.





Trainings have taken place in the following countries:

CountryTopicLocationStartEvent - Link
CroatiaSME workshop #1BIOCentre
Borongajska cesta 83h, 10000 Zagreb
2017.11.301st Croatian SME workshop @ Crowdx
CroatiaSMEs workshop #2Zagreb2018.02.032nd Croatian SME Workshop
CroatiaSMEs workshop #3 Five
Heinzelova 33, 10000 Zagreb
2018.03.103rd Croatian SME Workshop
Czech RepublicSME Workshop #2České Budějovice
Jihočeská hospodářská komora, Husova 9, České Budějovice
2017.11.09Czech SME Workshop #2
SlovakiaWorkshop at Startup Awards BootcampX-Bionic Sphere
Šamorín, Slovakia
1st Slovak Crowdfunding Workshop at Startup Awards Bootcamp
SlovakiaWorkshop at Breakfast with AdvertisementFoxford
Obchodná 26, Bratislava, Slovakia
2017.11.212nd Slovak Crowdfunding Workshop at Breakfast with Advertisement
SlovakiaWorkshop at Banka ŽilinaBanka Žilina
Legionárska 1, 01001 Žilina, Slovakia
2017.11.243rd Slovak Crowdfunding Workshop at Banka Žilina
SlovakiaWorkshop with students of performing arts, fine arts, and designAcademy of Performing Arts
Ventúrska 3, Bratislava
2018.12.184th Slovak Crowdfunding Workshop with students of performing arts, fine arts, and design
SlovakiaWorkshop with Slovak Fashion CouncilSATELIT Gallery
Kollárovo nám. 10, Bratislava
2018.04.195th Slovak Crowdfunding Workshop with Slovak Fashion Council
SloveniaCreating Content for your next campaignNLB, Center inovativnega podjetništva
Trg Republike 2, 1000 Ljubljana
2018.06.163rd Slovenian Crowdfunding Workshop: Creating Content for your next campaign
SloveniaMarketing your campaignNLB, Center inovativnega podjetništva
Trg Republike 2, 1000 Ljubljana
2018.02.274th Slovenian Crowdfunding Training: “Marketing your campaign”
SloveniaTools to help you manage the campaignNLB, Center inovativnega podjetništva
Trg Republike 2, 1000 Ljubljana
2018.03.275th Slovenian Training – Tools to help you manage the campaign


If you would like to receive a copy of the training material, feel free to get in touch with us.


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