‘There is something like travel sickness and it is a kind of illness that is essentially incurable’ – Ryszard Kapuscinski

Crowdfunding is a modern financing tool that helps SMEs to grow their businesses. As part of our Interreg-project Crowd-Fund-Port, we identified the best practices from small and medium-sized enterprises from all partnering countries and listed them in our Crowdfunding-project-mapping. Some of these campaigns will also be presented here on our blog.


Classic genre … Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation …the app MyLuggage is exactly for you!

PACK WITH MyLuggage!


MyLuggage is the first fully prepared travel platform that reduces packaging time by up to 90%! The application allows you to prepare a list of necessary things to pack for any trip – vacation, business trip or any other. The authors created the most tailored check-lists, adjusting them to the type, location of departure, current weather and planned activities.


The idea emerged during the Trans-Siberian railway journey. Coming with friends the authors of the project noticed that everyone took other things with them. Why? As everyone expected something else – access to travel information about the items or security needed is often limited, and the information on the Internet is unreliable. Especially if you are traveling for the first time, for example with a backpack or simply in a completely unknown place.


They managed to organize the biggest campaign so far where they received a great support of journalist, tour operator Jaroslaw Kuźniar and two singers, Dharni and K-Leah who recorded a song about the app to approach their followers to the idea. They achieved a number of 700 thousand of audience who was rewarded with many travel accessories like the access to the app- beta version!, travel adapter, bag, finder bluetooth, MyLuggage t-shirt, luggage tag and travel weight…It was a great success on polish platform Wspieram.to.

More about the app is here: 

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/MyLuggageApp/

Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/myluggage_/

Website:  http://myluggage.eu

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