The journey is tailor-made with the Italian startup Onivà

The journey is an experience to be lived on measure. Francesca D’Urbano, entrepreneur born in 1983, decided to found the Italian startup “Onivà – Viaggi Fatti a Mano”.

Onivà goal is to offer travellers tailored routes and options, tailored to the needs, expectations and budget of users. The service creates the right proposal starting from the information that customers grant through a questionnaire and that help Onivà understand what would make them happy on the road.

The needs of those who move alone, in pairs or with a child are certainly not similar; even the same destination can offer totally different ideas depending on who visits, especially in terms of experience. The startup wants to take away those who want to escape but also wants to advance towards new goals.

It has also shown the successful participation in Nastro Azzurro Crowd, the initiative to enhance the innovative Italian talent promoted by the premium brand Nastro Azzurro in collaboration with the crowdfunding platform Eppela. The campaign ( – Italian language) pledged more than 10,000 EUR involving 76 supporters.

Surprise travels are one of the strengths for the startup created by D’Urbano: with the Onivà Mistery Tour option you can already start without knowing the destination in advance and give a friend or a partner an experience based on pure surprise, to be unveiled only at the airport. But why, in the age where, thanks to the network, is it possible to choose how, when and where to go, the journey is still a dimension where to turn to a third service?

As Francesca D’Urbano explains to Wired, “Often, apart from Internet competence, people lack time. In general, it is returning to establish an idea of ​​travel as a 360-degree experience, it is not just about booking a flight or a hotel. We like to tailor it precisely for this reason, putting in us the passions, the dreams. People rely on us for the experience we have, but also to be pampered, to drive. This makes the difference; it’s all a mix of factors but the idea that travel is not just book ticket and flight is coming back and we ride this desire“.

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