The docufilm that tells how to detox from technology and the web, the first Italian crowdfunding platform, recently hosted a reward-based campaign called “(a)social” on a highly topical issue: how to detoxify from technological tools and from being connected online.

Technology approaches, but at the same time takes away people who use it. Internet, social networks and smartphones have totally changed the way people live and habits. Almost all of us use Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Youtube, etc., as well as e-mail, digital maps, apps and the endless opportunities offered by web technology. All these tools have undoubtedly improved our quality of life by simplifying numerous operations. At the same time, more and more frequently, the same technology creates enormous dependencies which, by now, are under the eyes of all and increase with the passing of the years.

The campaign entitled “10 days without a smartphone” has raised over 10 thousand euros from 29 supporters. 50% of the campaign was covered by Infinity Mediaset, an Italian on demand online video streaming platform.

The docufilm develops on two tracks in parallel: in one a journalist/social media manager, a singer, a photographer and an influencer accustomed to hyper-connectivity are deprived of their smartphone and any internet connection. A jump into the past. For 10 days in the high mountains.

The other track of the docufilm has as protagonists totally different people (by age, profession, habits) that tell of their relationship with the internet and with the smartphone: a person of 70 years chooses a hotel compared to a 16-year-old who faces his first vacation alone. It explains how social and mobile a different impact has depending on the work, the registry and the attitude of each of us.

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