Zagreb Crowdfunding Convention – Group of Experts for Insider Tipps

The third edition of the Zagreb Crowdfunding Convention takes place on the 11th of October 2017. Prepare to be enlightened with valuable insights!

This year is dedicated to the Start-Up scene. What to expect: not only interesting presentations, but also a closed workshop. If you’re interested in innovative Crowdfunding Models and on supporting Start-Up-Founder, this Workshop might be something for you. There’s only a limited number of participants, so be sure to reserve your space right now. The keynote speakters of the open presentations are covering a diverse field of topics: How can Institutions of local economy support Crowdfunding? There will also be a closer look on well-known platforms as “Kickstarter”.

Participants will be able to ask their questions and everything they would like to know about the latest forms of financing in the evening of the day of the convention.

If you would like to know who is going to attend and what subjects will be discussed – visit and get your ticket.

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