Slovakia: Crowdfunding chosen as the theme of the week by TASR – The News Agency of the Slovak Republic

TASR – The News Agency of the Slovak Republic has chosen crowdfunding as the theme of the week (1.12.2017-7.12.2017) with the overall aim to raise awareness of the topic. As part of this initiative, around 15 articles have been published at TASR‘s portal within 48 hours. The articles cover wide range of topics within the sphere of crowdfunding, such as crowdfunding in the EU, crowdfunding platforms in Slovakia, best practice, forms of crowdfunding,  or the risks of collective investing.

Crowd-Fund-Port‘s Slovak partner, Creative Industry Forum, has also prepared an article dedicated specifically to the Crowd-Fund-Port project, with a contribution from our very own Karsten Wenzlaff from ikosom – CFP’s German project partner.

In addition, TASR has also issued a press release informing about the Crowd-Fund-Port project.

For the complete database of articles on crowdfunding published as part of the theme of the week click here.

Slovakia: “Sacred Fire” – a psychological role-playing video game


Sacred Fire by Poetic Studio, a game studio founded in 2014, is a game about survival, power and hope, where players lead a band of resistance fighters in Caledonia (ancient Scotland) against the invading Roman Empire. The players’ success depends on conflict resolutions and understanding the psychology of the characters rather than on reliance on weapons and attacks.  The game blends storytelling and tactics while testing player’s ingenuity and integrity at the same time.


In the beginning the game development was financed from the founders’ personal savings. To be able to finish the game in a reasonable time, they decided to ask for support on Kickstarter. Over 29 days in March and April 2017, 1,435 backers helped them raise $65,000. After this successful campaign and an ongoing interest from new backers, Sacred Fire is now fundraising on Indiegogo with a goal to grow the community and improve the game, add polish, voiceover, and other improvements to the core gameplay.

On December 1, 2017, the Poetic Studio was also selected as a finalist of Startup Awards, a startup competition in Slovakia. The event is not only a great learning experience, but the competition is also televised on the national TV channel and in the past the President of Slovakia attended the event and gave a speech. It may also open the door to an investment deal or a partnership that could move the startup forward in a substantial way. Already, Dell invited them to join their indie game developer program called Indie Center Stage, part of their Alienware Arena.

For more information about the game, click here.

Slovakia: Improving Bratislava through Crowdfunding

CIF, as part of the Crowd Fund Port project, has recently supported two crowdfunding campaigns – both focused on improvements in the city of Bratislava.  What both campaigns have in common the fact that they were carried out using their own website, as well as an established crowdfunding platform to boost the effectiveness and support of the campaign.


Plan Bratislava

The first project, Plan Bratislava, was running on StartLab. About a year ago, over 50 professionals got together to form a working group with a goal to find solutions for a better Bratislava.  This group created a comprehensive guide to make this happen – Plan Bratislava, the wholistic vision of the capital city in 12 thematic chapters. People who support this campaign can become the book’s editors.

The target sum of this campaign was 10 000 € and  668 supporters raised 16 540 € to support it. Thanks to their support, the book can get into the hands of everyone who cares about Bratislava and its future.

To see the video for this campaign, click here.

SOS: Give so people don’t freeze

The second project is a campaign organized by Vagus, a Slovak civic association, with support from the  ĽudiaĽuďom platform and using the payment system The winter came early this year and seven homeless people died in the streets of Bratislava. Although Vagus saved ten other lives, the organization desperately needed financing to act quickly during the coldest months. Thanks to the crowdfunding campaign SOS: Give so people don’t freeze, they raised the target amount of 30 000 € within less than a week and the campaign is still going on and you can support if you click here. So far, it has raised 34,284€.

Both crowdfunding campaigns were successful and important for the CROWD FUND PORT project as one of its goals is to raise awareness of crowdfunding.

Slovakia: “Rozpravkari-Storytellers” – a board game for children, ages 8 and up

 “Rozpravkari-Storytellers” – a board game for children, ages 8 and up.

Storytellers is a unique Slovak board game bringing to life the fairy tales of Pavol Dobšinský – a 19th century Slovak writer and collector of folklore, best known for his acclaimed collection of Slovak folktales. Thanks to Storytellers, not only do the children get to know the fairy tales, but they also practice basic math, strengthen their strategic and logical thinking, as well as expand their vocabulary. The game is beautifully illustrated and fun to play.


How did “Storytellers” reach its goal?

The idea of the game was conceived on a family vacation by a creative father who wanted to create some new and fun game for family and friends to play. He tested the game endlessly – first with his daughter and family, then with friends. His friends encouraged him to make the game available to the public. He then tested the game with professionals and other game enthusiasts.  After making countless modifications and improvements, the game was ready for production. He chose, a Slovak crowdfunding platform, to raise 5,000€ to make it happen. The project raised the target amount in only three days and this brought up another idea – why not produce additional 500 games to give to orphanages and economically disadvantaged families for Christmas? The campaign raised a total of 45,830€ from 1,532 supporters and the games will be distributed to the above-mentioned recipients by this Christmas of 2017.

For more information about the game, click here.




Slovakia: Boataround and Sight Pyramid by Juraj Gábor – the two most unique TOURISM related campaigns

Crowdfunding is a modern financing tool that helps SMEs to grow their businesses. As part of our Interreg-project Crowd-Fund-Port, we identified the best practices from small and medium-sized enterprises from all partnering countries and listed them in our Crowdfunding-project-mapping. Some of these campaigns will also be presented here on our blog.

Boataround – Yacht and boat booking portal

Boataround. is a booking portal for renting yachts, boats, and catamarans including complementary services such as captains or insurance. The company has successfully completed the first financial round on equity platform Crowdberry in 2016. Since then it has launched its own web platform and established its presence in Slovak, Czech, Polish, and Scandinavian markets. Since the company’s technology and service infrastructure has been completed, the leadership of the firm feels that the company is ready for scalability and global business growth. Consequently, the project has recently entered second financial round on Crowdberry.

Boataround was founded in 2016 by former employees of, a well-known hotel booking site. Currently, it is the only company of its kind on the market.  The team has years-long experience with online reservation business models and international business in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, which undoubtedly contributed to the firm’s success.

At the moment, Boataround’s offer includes more than 7000 ships in over 300 destinations in 36 countries around the globe.

Sight Pyramid by Juraj Gábor

copy right Peter Snadik.

Sight Pyramid is an art piece designed by Slovak artist Juraj Gábor. It is an 18-meter construction that was initially part of an exhibition in a gallery. The original idea was that the viewers would enter the construction and watch a film about nature. However, Juraj later decided to take the idea even further by situating the pyramid outside, in beautiful Súľov Mountains, where visitors can now watch nature live. Since the pyramid is an 18 meter wooden object, this was, of course, no easy nor cheap task. Consequently, the organisers of the project headed to crowdfunding platform Startlab, in attempt to find a number of like-minded, nature-loving people who would help them to bring the project to completion through a financial contribution.

The original goal of the campaign was 1500 euros, however, the final sum raised was almost twofold, that is 2905 euros.  Needless to say, the campaign was successful and as of November 22, 2015, the Sight Pyramid serves as a lookout spot as well as a shelter against rain to all visitors of the magnificent Súľov Rocks.

Slovakia: “Monthlies” – an educational documentary film about menstruation

Monthlies is a playful, creative, funny, and educational documentary film about menstruation helping teenagers to better understand this taboo topic. The film is enriched with animation, interviews with young people and various menstrual rituals from around the world.

There are many superstitions related to menstruation and the topic is generally viewed as something negative. Monthlies, though, reaches teenagers with its funny and positive mood. It also gives real-life tips to help ease the pains of becoming a woman.

A topic like this does not easily find support from traditional sources so the filmmakers decided to try crowdfunding via Indiegogo to raise additional funds. The campaign was successful and surpassed its target of $30,000 by $3,000. It was funded by 394 donors from 31 countries. The funds were used towards the production and postproduction of the film.



“Monthlies”, targeted at youth 9-13 years of age, is a spin-off of a successful documentary film “The Moon Inside You”, the project started off with a fan base of a couple thousand people. The team also contacted institutions as well as bloggers, journalists and film colleagues who they identified as either potential donors or potential communication channel.

The key to success of this campaign was the fact that the team treated the campaign as a full-time job. Communication was distributed via calls, texts, social and mainstream media, newsletters and frequent campaign updates.

Pre-campaign preparation took about two months and the campaign ran for 40 days. The campaign language was funny and clear and rewards ranged from a simple thank you to DVDs, T-shirts, earrings, a license to screen the film, to being an associate producer.

The film was released under a Creative Commons 4.0 NC-ND license, which allows anyone to make legal copies and use the film for non-commercial purposes. The campaign also helped bring the film to schools in Slovakia and other countries as an educational tool.

All together this makes “Monthlies” a very interesting campaign and it deserves to be presented as an example of best practices for crowdfunding in Slovakia.


You can watch Monthlies here.

Slovakia: Herbert Syrups and Bentianna – the two most successful FOOD related crowdfunding campaigns

Crowdfunding is a modern financing tool that helps SMEs to grow their businesses. As part of our Interreg-project Crowd-Fund-Port, we identified the best practices from small and medium sized enterprises from all partnering countries and listed it in our Crowdfunding-project-mapping. Some of these campaigns will also be presented here in our blog.

Consequently, without further ado, let us introduce the two most successful FOOD related campaigns from Slovakia.

Herbert Syrups

Herbert. The finest handcrafted syrups. Strictly natural


Herbert Sirupy or Herbert Syrups is a Slovak company, which produces pure, natural, but also creative syrups. In order to help their project to move forward, the founders of the company decided to set up a crowdfunding campaign through Crowdberry, an equity based crowdfunding platform. As the potential of the project was immense, the campaign quickly achieved it’s goal, amazing 275 000 euros from just 2 investors. At this point, the company supplies its product to a large number of establishments in Slovakia and Czech Republic.





‘The story of BENTIANNA goes all the way back to the 15th century and to the Benedictine monks who created an elixir from healing herbs that would later become known to the world as BENTIANNA. After more than 500 years, the recipe was

Thanks to its crowdfunding campaign launched on CONDA, where the project has attracted 55 investors and gained 115 percent funding, can this ancient story begin a new, modern chapter.