My cooking box – an Italian start up specialized in delivering cooking boxes

My Cooking Box is an Italian start – up specialized in delivering cooking boxes containing high quality ingredients already measured up to prepare home (or basically everywhere) Italian Gourmet recipes.

The idea is simple: the new- co selects and measure up top ingredients to prepare special recipes and deliver it to food lovers willing to cook the best Italian specialties for their guests.

The first crowd funding campaign was launched by the company founder (a 30- years old lady) 2 years ago with the aim of collecting 50.000 euro. At the end of the campaign the project collected 4 times more than expected with a total amount of 200.000 euro thus allowing its founder to create an ad- hoc e- commerce platform, to widen the offer with new cooking boxes and to enter both national, and international market.

The second crowd funding campaign was launched last summer on Mamacrowd, one of the main Italian equity crowd funding platforms. In one month 500.000 euro were collected. After only few hours from the campaign’s launch more than 100% of the goal was reached and it went over funded by around 253% 2 weeks before the end of the campaign. The investors decided to trust a project promoting the export of the best made in Italy cooking and food tradition and the opening of a store in Milan is foreseen in the months to come.

Cooking box represents one of the example of a growing industry based on equity crowd funding which has grown by 150% over the Italian territory in 2017., according to the latest report by Starteed, a crowd company developing solutions for crowd funders.


ShapeMe: wellness on demand

ShapeMe is the first online service for the booking of professional massages for individuals and companies. It was born in Bologna (Italy) and it was the protagonist of a successful campaign on the Mamacrowd equity crowdfunding platform, collecting over 100 thousand euros.

Modern society is characterized by an increasingly sedentary lifestyle: on average, we spend more than 9 hours a day, while 7 spend them lying down sleeping. This has negative consequences both on our health and on our mood.

For these reasons, attention to psychophysical wellbeing and the wellness market are phenomena of rapid growth, especially in the most developed economies. The global wellness market is worth 3.71 trillion dollars, more than 3 times the pharmaceutical industry.

The means by which people seek wellness are no longer medicines but a healthy lifestyle, made of healthy nutrition and physical and mental training.

Within this market, the demand for professional massages covers an important slice and is worth $ 94B worldwide, $ 29.8B at the European level, and $ 2.8B at the Italian level.

ShapeMe’s service is already active in many Italian provinces and has a network of more than 320 certified and personally selected masseurs who, with only 4 hours’ notice, reach customers, where and when they want, with a cot and everything needed for massages.

Companies are offered the Corporate Wellness service that helps to improve the employees productivity, retain them, and increase the ability to attract talent.

Chair massages, indoor and outdoor training, but also Check-ups and Educational services.

Capital raising through equity crowdfunding has enabled and will enable the company to: expand the offer to individuals with home physiotherapy and osteopathy services; expand the coverage of b2c services; increase digital marketing investments for the acquisition of private and business customers; insert a figure dedicated to sales and marketing activities; participate in fairs and events dedicated to HR managers; continue the process of improving the platform’s performance and usability.