Cubbit lets you access and share your data from anywhere in the world

Founded by 4 young students in Italy in 2016, Cubbit is the first distributed, peer-to-peer cloud that is free from monthly fees, expandable for free, and tamper proof thanks to its zero-knowledge cryptographic architecture. The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign and it received a lot of awards for this kind of collaborative and distributed cloud storage platform with good encryption that also leverages artificial intelligence. Cubbit grants a unique set of features that go beyond the cloud, the hard drive, the NAS and anything in between. Cubbit lets you access and share your data from anywhere in the world, like every conventional cloud storage as Dropbox and ICloud, but unlike “the cloud”, it is not based on any centralized data center. Cubbit is a breakthrough: the privacy of personal storage and the comfort of the cloud, all wrapped into a smooth user experience. This is made possible by its revolutionary distributed architecture, the Cubbit Cell, a plug-and-cloud device. Files stored in Cubbit are encrypted with AES-256, fragmented in redundant chunks and safely spread over the network, so that even if your Cell goes offline for a blackout, your data is always safe, accessible anywhere, and invisible to anyone else. So Cubbit allows for an unprecedented set of advantages for users: no monthly fee, it is expandable up to 4TB just by plugging in any USB hard drive for free, it is zero-knowledge and end-to-end encrypted so that no one can access your data and it is 10x greener than conventional clouds based on data centers.
One of the founder, Alessandro Cillario, told that “Nowdays many of the services offered by conventional data centers don’t have respect for our privacy and they consume a lot of energy for their transfers. Whereas we distribute storage capacity so costs and pollution are reduced. Above all, safety is guaranteed ”. The reduction would be 87% of the carbon footprint for data storage and about 50% for energy consumption for their transfer. Connect Cubbit to your router and immediately get 1TB of cloud space (and more), completely protected, perfectly safe, accessible anywhere. Finally, due to its performing platform, Cubbit creates a distributed data center, which takes advantage for offering innovative Cloud Computing and Content Delivery services for companies and professionals.
In 2018, Cubbit partnered with the CERN and other 11 industrial/academic partners. It is also  supported by Techstars, the third most important startup accelerator in the world, and other global-class partners. It is funded by the European Commission along the H2020 framework programme.


My cooking box – an Italian start up specialized in delivering cooking boxes

My Cooking Box is an Italian start – up specialized in delivering cooking boxes containing high quality ingredients already measured up to prepare home (or basically everywhere) Italian Gourmet recipes.

The idea is simple: the new- co selects and measure up top ingredients to prepare special recipes and deliver it to food lovers willing to cook the best Italian specialties for their guests.

The first crowd funding campaign was launched by the company founder (a 30- years old lady) 2 years ago with the aim of collecting 50.000 euro. At the end of the campaign the project collected 4 times more than expected with a total amount of 200.000 euro thus allowing its founder to create an ad- hoc e- commerce platform, to widen the offer with new cooking boxes and to enter both national, and international market.

The second crowd funding campaign was launched last summer on Mamacrowd, one of the main Italian equity crowd funding platforms. In one month 500.000 euro were collected. After only few hours from the campaign’s launch more than 100% of the goal was reached and it went over funded by around 253% 2 weeks before the end of the campaign. The investors decided to trust a project promoting the export of the best made in Italy cooking and food tradition and the opening of a store in Milan is foreseen in the months to come.

Cooking box represents one of the example of a growing industry based on equity crowd funding which has grown by 150% over the Italian territory in 2017., according to the latest report by Starteed, a crowd company developing solutions for crowd funders.


Polish Traditional Songs

Traditional songs surprise with their timelessness, enjoying the growing interest in various corners of the globe. By entering this trend, the project goes back to Polish roots, promoting traditional songs in modernized arrangements and performing white-song workshops.

Polish folk

At the source of songs #2

Is’s a fresh look at the traditional Polish songs, singing workshops with the best specialists in Poland and incredible concerts in the heart of Gdansk. It is the second edition of the project which has placed in 2017. Five fantastic concerts performed last year by Percival, Żywiołak, Mosaik, Sutari, and Annutara. This year they want to invite Lautari and Jacek Hałas, Joanna Słowińska with the band, Same Suki, Orchestra of St. Nicholas, Ania Broda and Makaruk! Also, experts from various corners of the country will come to Gdańsk to lead workshops of traditional songs and singing “in an open voice” based on song material collected during years of field research in many regions of Poland.

This years edition needs support, the crowdfunding campaign implemented by Crowd-Fund-Port started 08.08.2018 and their goal is stretched from at least 7 800PLN to 38 500PLN (1 900 – 9200€ ). The number of concerts and workshops depends on which goal will be reached. Check the campaign page: U źródeł pieśni #2.

We hope that the campaign will be successful and the project will start in full splendor :).



How to fund a theatre project through crowdfunding: steps to go and main Italian platforms

In times when it is hard to raise funds for arts it becomes crucial to develop organizational and economic processes to make theatre projects sustainable and productive. In order to reach this goal it is important to create a crowd of fans as well as to act as a catalyst for emotions for them. An effective crowd funding campaign can help to increase the crowd of supporters thus helping tickets sells out and granting the success of a theatre projects. The message to spread is simple and strong: we are a community, we know each other and we do recognize ourselves. Moreover the message has to be launched before the mise en place of the dramatic project through sympathetic promotional and marketing activities. In this sense the main goal of a C.F. campaign may not only be to raise funds but also to build and increase the group of supporters which will follow you on your next adventures.

Steps to set a successful C.F. campaign out:
• To create a community on social networks and to define a social media strategy
• To create a landing page before the launch
• To select the best – for- the aim platform depending on tis functions and main features
• To define legal and tax aspects
• To define the main targets of the campaign
• To define the communication and main message of the campaign
• To define the calendar of all the activities to implement
• To define an economic goal
• To shoot a presentation video to tell the story of the project
• To define the rewards for supporters

The main platforms used in Italy for theatre projects are: Eppela, DeREv, Produzioni dal Basso, Be Crowdy, Crowd Arts.
One of the most effective and successful crowd funding campaigns launched in Italy in the last years for a theatre project is the campaign “I need Money” by Fanny and Alexander that set up a “spettacolo per azioni” (limited play) in which any of the supporter and funder can play a part by writing a part of it thus including any of us into the creative process and making a specific comparison with the financial market and the share market. As they say: you think art is priceless. from now on art does have a price.

Poland: Modern patronage

Going further with the support of patrons


Girl with a camera and desire to be the citizen of the world. She always dreamed about her own travel channel and was able to make her dream real. In a lifestyle channel on youtube – Globstory, she shares her own experiences with others. She visited over a dozen countries, lived in Stambul and Barcelona. She traveled all over the world to tell the story about distant countries, amazing people and beautiful landscapes – about one planet but lots of worlds.



As she cares about content, fighting along the way with limitations – mainly hardware and financial. She’s doing everything alone – invents, drive, spin, she learned a photoshop, the assembly takes less and less time, but the appetite still grows.

She’s not doing it for money – every money she makes she spent on another expedition, hardware, and channel. With cooperation with Patronite, everything is possible, with every new patron she can do more and more. The patrons support her every month with the amount of money between 5zł and 300zł (1€ – 70€) to let her do what she’s good at. In exchange, they get personalized gifts as postcards from distant countries or featured name on the blog or even a movie on a chosen topic.

She collected 37909zł (over 8800€), about 3595zł (over 830€) per month from 137 patrons! It’s another proof that crowdfunding can help to get your goal using one of the crowdfunding platforms like

Cubetto – A hands on programming language for girls and boys aged 3 and up

Can crowd funding be applied to schools and other public utilities? The answer is yes and we found a great example in the campaign launched by the primary school Secondo Istituto Comprensivo Francavilla Fontana in Brindisi that collected via the platform Eppela the funds necessary to create “L’Officina dei Giocattoli” (i.e. Toys’ Factory). The aim of the campaign is to literally make one of the pupils dream come true and to create a common space where they can transform old, and obsolete toys in smart ones. The project has been developed in four main phases: to recover old toys; to bring them into the Montessori Creativity Space; to re design their hard and soft ware; and to complete them with digital features in order to give them a total new look made up of sensors, small video cameras, led lights and so on. In the kids mind this represents the concrete realization of creativity process that allows them to even develop tools to control their old tractors and cars with smartphones and tablets. The campaign was launched in 2006 and collected around 150% of the original quotation. The funds have been spent for 3d printers, sensors, laser cut working table, 3d scanners, all instruments the kids need to improve the space they share as common thinking lab, team work space and for stem didactic activities. Also the project is recognized as green as it involve recovering and re use of old toys; economic as it is aimed at avoiding waste; fun as it stimulates the kids’ creativity, and digital.


Among the most interesting “ones to watch” CF campaigns of 2018 we can find the one in support of Dynamo a machine invented and produced by the company Verde21, an innovative start up founded in 2013 to promote innovation and environmental sustainability.

Dynamo is a machine to produce and collect thermic energy from free renewables and one single of them can by itself meet the energetic needs of a more than 1000 m2 building. These free energy machines should substitute the old systems based on fossil resources and large energy distribution networks. The equity campaign to support Dynamo was concluded last January and collected 161% of the initial target.

This sum will help Verde 21 Founders to enhance the production of Dynamo and to produce them in large quantities thus opening up the international market.

Society                                Verde 21
Platform                             Starsup

Minimum goal                  € 140.000
Money collected               €225.600
Minimum investment     € 1.000
Deadline                             16-01-2018


Florek’s world – a book about emotions for children and parents

Florek’s world is a book that will allow the child to understand emotions better, find a part of himself by identifying with a hero and experience many adventures with him. Each chapter is a different adventure and emotion that has to be overcome. The book is addressed to children and parents. They will find there a set of practical tips on how to help their child to cope with the problem.
Florek’s world is not only a book for children, it is a book for the whole family. Interesting adventures, valuable hints and illustrations that can be colored, all this makes it a good reason to have. This book is intended for all those whowant to develop emotional intelligence in children.
Natalia and Kasia, author of the blog Above Everything.
They are friends and they have known each other for a long time. Every day they work with small children, and their work is a passion. What else should you know about them?
Apart from motherhood and work, they realize their dreams by running a blog where they share their knowledge and experience. They both have a similar view of the world, they can talk to each other for hours, and so they never end up with topics. That’s why writing a book together does not cause them any trouble and even adds wings;)
About Campaign
The project involved raising funds for the first 500 paper copies of the book:
-printing, including breaking
-correction and drafting
-rewards to you
-charges for a platform PolakPotrafi
The whole book submission project was organized by the author himself, without the agency of an external publishing house. They took care of the graphic design of the book, illustrations, line-up. This allowed them to significantly reduce costs, but above all to be 100% satisfied that the project is only their own.
The campaign was successful. They managed to raise 6266 from 6000 PLN thanks to 101 supporters.
CFP Project
As part of the Crowd-Fund-Port project, we will support two crowdfunding campaigns on the topic of books. One of them is Monika’s Dabkiewicz and her book: Super Queensize and Dorota Sumiła’s book in which parents and teachers will find ideas for working with children (She will have a title soon):

Musicraiser, the platform where artists can launch their crowdfunding campaigns!

Music Raiser is an innovative digital platform where a team of young experts in digital strategies and fundraising coming from the music business helps you in building up your musical project through the web. Musicraiser is direct-to-fan platform where artists, musicians and bands can launch their crowd funding campaign and promote their music effectively! These are the numbers of Musicraiser in Italy:

– 5 million euros distributed to artists in 5 years

– 152.234 raiser

– 1303 projects funded until February 2018

– 39 projects financed since January 2018

– In Italy about 1000 albums have been published in 2017 and 200 albums have been financed by Musicraiser about 20%

Since crowdfunding, especially in music, is an increasingly popular method, Musicraiser can give some advice: which are the 8 major mistakes to avoid when launching your music crowdfunding project?
1. Be clear: Chose one main goal and go for it. Campaigns with several aims generally confuse the public and prospect funders. Take in mind your fans often do not tell the difference between production, mastering, recording and so on. Just be clear and simple in describing your project.
2. Do not ask for more than you need: your economic objective must be reachable and proportioned to your fan base. It is much better to raise more than expected rather than not reaching the goal. So before setting it, check your fan page and fan list.
3. Do not wait for miracles: a crowd funding campaign needs creativity in designing it and consistency in collecting. A major mistake is to talk about the campaign before launching it, and then forget about it once it is online as it can go on by itself. Reality is drastically different and your fans will participate only if they consistently feel that the project is important for you. So, Focus on it!
4. Do not stress your fan base: Communication is the key, use it in a smart way. You are promoting something important for you. Do not be boring and repetitive. The right way to communicate is storytelling so tell your story in a honest and direct way and remember to be loyal to your style, let people feel part of it. Publish pictures, anecdotes, thanksgiving videos as well as any material you can identify with.
5. Shoot a powerful presentation video: keep in mind that the video is like a business card. You should be able to convince in no more than 1:30/ 2 minutes your public in participating your project. Remember to shoot the video with the same passion and creativity you put in composing your music.
6. Do not offer ordinary rewards: remember that nobody will be interested in your plectrum unless you are one of the Artic Monkeys… your fan wants exclusive rewards, things they cannot find everywhere. Be creative!
7. Start the right way: the beginning of your campaign is crucial and it will directly affect the results. You will not have a second chance to impress your public. Start from the closest circles (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram). If they participate you will probably increase your base.
8. Don’t be late in rewarding your supporters: People gave you trust and the chance to make your dream come true reward them in short terms or, in case you know you can reward them in the medium long term only, communicate it to your fans.

Have a good crowdfunding time!

Advices of crowdfunding for future designers

Who designs the products we use daily? What about those we will use in the next future? Is it possible to produce them by ourselves?

The meaning of being a designer has been slightly changing in the last years and it is consistently evolving towards a more flexible, open, and accessible connotation thanks to crowd funding platforms playing a significant role. The production of design items does not follow a linear path and this is why social media play a crucial role in uniting global communities and in questioning long standing productive and creative systems. According to a recent research by Federlegno, 70% of Italian internal design companies invest at least 2% of their turnover in research and development.

Is this enough? The internet and social media are dramatically changing market balances in the design field. This affects both the production systems and the results of a certain company. Currently there are not huge success stories in this crowdfunding for design products and Italian companies still seem skeptical in this sense.

Nevertheless certain products born on crowd funding platform represent concrete examples of global success. Its the case of “Moon” a lamp funded via Indiegogo platform that reached almost 750% of the original objective in two months. Another example is represented by “The Level” a mobile platform to train in the office that collected 8 times the sum requested to start the production.

Last but not least the “Taga Family Bike” financed via Kick Starter to produce a bike stroller that collected around 100.000 Dollars in few minutes and closed the campaign with a 2 billion and a half dollars.

All these products had some basic steps in common: a story to tell; a strong preparation for the launch of the campaign; a dedicated team and a strong community to rely on.

The Moon:

The Level:

The Family Bike: