bitiago- physical crypto machines

I would like to introduce bitiago (, this campaign is matching the following topic of the current month “Tech and Gatgets”.
Crypto machines? Really? Yes!
bitiago offers an unique ecosystem around cryptocurrencies. From personal advice, through the purchase and sale of own exchange to physical crypto machines, The purpose is to create an holistic infrastructure for cryptocurrencies within german speaking area.

Crowd Dialog Europe- Meeting the european crowd experts

We were part of the Crowddiolog Europe 2017 on 21st of September in Athen.

It was a pleasure to joining experts and enthusiasts alike at CrowdDialog Europe 2017 where we’ll unite to discuss crowdsourcing, innovation and blockchain technology on crowdfunding.

Spyros Arsenis:
A great cutting edge conference: Crowd Dialog. After one year of preparations and great collaborations we are really proud of the result and really happy for the synergies and the meetup events we have created.

Michael Gebert:
Samson Williams made a great talk on “Going Grey – the wild west of ICOs and crowdsales”
It has also been a blast hearing from Kevin Allen Director at the African Crowdfunding Association about the emergence of Africa-Based Crowdfunding Platforms and how Europe can collaborate.

Nancy Routzouni:
A great conference, a great audience today in Crowd Dialog. Crowd funding, crowd sourcing, crowd innovation.
We also discussed how governments can apply crowd based approaches to empower the public. To involve the citizens and all interested parties in the formulation of public policies and the decision making process.