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Since the world has seen the success of popular Crowdfunding platforms, Crowdfunding is all the rage! But how should a platform work? What rules and regulations do you have to take in consideration? Are there any risks or could conflicts arise? If you want to start a new platform you have to consider some main issues and follow some regulations and guidelines to ensure a good working and secure website. To learn about these you can use the following two documents listened below, Code of Conduct and Minimum platform standards.

Code of conduct

Project partners of the Crowdfundport project organization have created the Code of Conduct for the all types of Crowdfunding as a set of rules outlining the responsibilities, ethics and proper practices for Crowdfunding platforms. It’s aim is to guarantee Quality standards, enhance awareness and trust and enables transparency. To be more precise it gives references about general regulations, fair competition, transparency, treatment of investor funds, data protection, crime prevention, information and information quality, risk warnings and statements, consumer protection, advertising behavior, conflicts of interests and the remuneration systems.

Minimum platform standards

In recent years, Crowdfunding has become a dynamically increasing alternative financing method worldwide. The content of this document is intended to help readers who are not familiar with Crowdfunding platforms to quickly get a sense of how it works. It is a step towards establishment of a minimum standard for Crowdfunding/Crowdinvesting platforms and would assure the transfer of know-how and serve as the recommendations for prospective platform operators as well.

With the preparation of platform standards and recommendations for existing and future Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting platforms in Central Europe, project partnership would like to contribute to: improvement of quality of services, higher professional management standards, higher ethical standards, higher visibility and acknowledgment of CE regional platforms.

This is an initial set of recommendations and is not intended to be exhaustive. Users may find this document to be useful examples of what to be focused on.

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CFP – Minimum Platform Standards CFP – Code of Conduct for Platforms

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