Start a Crowdfunding Project!

How to plan a successful Crowdfunding campaign?

Each Crowdfunding project has to fulfill some general Crowdfunding laws, which differentiate in each country. Till now there is now common law for Europe existing, so you have to evaluate carefully before starting a project. Next point is to clarify which kind of platform do you choose for your project! Which Crowdfundingtype is matching best with your idea of project. Who can perfectly promote your idea? Do you already have written a business plan? Do you know how much money do you need to realise your project?

There are lot of questions coming up with starting a Crowdfunding project!

The Crowdfunding campaign is usually split in 3 key phases, which must be carefully planned:

    1. Time before the campaign starts
    2. Time during campaign
    3. Time after campaign


Phase 1 – Time before the campaign starts is dedicated to:

  • Building grounds (identifying target audience, preparation of financial plan, choosing appropriate platform, to clear legislation questions, defining partners roles)
  • Building content (video pitch, text pitch, visual identity, images, infographics, social media, etc.)
  • Preparation of communication plan
  • Planning of daily tasks


Figure 1: Building grounds


Phase 2 – Time during the campaign focus on:

  • Communication with campaign team, backers, media
  • Monitoring of set-up planes
  • Launching Plan B, if necessary


Phase 3 – Time after the campaign: 

  • Delivering what was promised
  • Maintaining communication with backers

Common conclusion:

  • Successful Crowdfunding campaign needs quality and detailed plan, for every implementation phase
  • Campaign requires dedicated day to day work
  • Every Crowdfunding campaign is different and specific, therefore a good campaign plan needs to consider that fact
  • Campaigns that collect funds in advance have higher possibility to reach set-up goals
  • Focus on the crowd is crucial

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