Slovakia: The Czechoslovak C’s Throwing Competition

The year 1974 is known also as the year when the Czechoslovak hospitals were flooded with babies. It is the year when Czechoslovakia experienced the highest birth rate in history.

The generation of people born in 1974 considers itself to be unique, as many known and successful people were born that year. In addition, this generation popularised one peculiar activity: throwing of c’s (Céčka).

C’s were small plastic letters that were initially intended to have a practical use, but this intention never materialised. Instead they became popular among Czechoslovak children who collected them, exchanged them, and invented games to play with them. One particularly favoured game consisted of throwing the plastic toys against the wall.

Strong Year 1974/ Silný Ročník 1974

Of course, today c’s are a thing of the past and one would struggle to find them outside of museum of socialism, however, this September they made a (very short lived) comeback.

This month people from the Slovak and Czech Republic had a chance to attend an interesting event in Bratislava. The initiative Strong Year 1974 (Silný ročník 1974) organised a meeting for all those born in 1974. As part of the event, people could revisit their childhood and take part in a c’s throwing competition.

The organisers decided to use a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the tournament and to promote the event. The campaign ran on Slovak platform Startlab with financial goal of 2000 EUR that was reached without problems.

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