Slovakia: “Sacred Fire” – a psychological role-playing video game


Sacred Fire by Poetic Studio, a game studio founded in 2014, is a game about survival, power and hope, where players lead a band of resistance fighters in Caledonia (ancient Scotland) against the invading Roman Empire. The players’ success depends on conflict resolutions and understanding the psychology of the characters rather than on reliance on weapons and attacks.  The game blends storytelling and tactics while testing player’s ingenuity and integrity at the same time.


In the beginning the game development was financed from the founders’ personal savings. To be able to finish the game in a reasonable time, they decided to ask for support on Kickstarter. Over 29 days in March and April 2017, 1,435 backers helped them raise $65,000. After this successful campaign and an ongoing interest from new backers, Sacred Fire is now fundraising on Indiegogo with a goal to grow the community and improve the game, add polish, voiceover, and other improvements to the core gameplay.

On December 1, 2017, the Poetic Studio was also selected as a finalist of Startup Awards, a startup competition in Slovakia. The event is not only a great learning experience, but the competition is also televised on the national TV channel and in the past the President of Slovakia attended the event and gave a speech. It may also open the door to an investment deal or a partnership that could move the startup forward in a substantial way. Already, Dell invited them to join their indie game developer program called Indie Center Stage, part of their Alienware Arena.

For more information about the game, click here.

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