Slovakia: “Rozpravkari-Storytellers” – a board game for children, ages 8 and up

 “Rozpravkari-Storytellers” – a board game for children, ages 8 and up.

Storytellers is a unique Slovak board game bringing to life the fairy tales of Pavol Dobšinský – a 19th century Slovak writer and collector of folklore, best known for his acclaimed collection of Slovak folktales. Thanks to Storytellers, not only do the children get to know the fairy tales, but they also practice basic math, strengthen their strategic and logical thinking, as well as expand their vocabulary. The game is beautifully illustrated and fun to play.


How did “Storytellers” reach its goal?

The idea of the game was conceived on a family vacation by a creative father who wanted to create some new and fun game for family and friends to play. He tested the game endlessly – first with his daughter and family, then with friends. His friends encouraged him to make the game available to the public. He then tested the game with professionals and other game enthusiasts.  After making countless modifications and improvements, the game was ready for production. He chose, a Slovak crowdfunding platform, to raise 5,000€ to make it happen. The project raised the target amount in only three days and this brought up another idea – why not produce additional 500 games to give to orphanages and economically disadvantaged families for Christmas? The campaign raised a total of 45,830€ from 1,532 supporters and the games will be distributed to the above-mentioned recipients by this Christmas of 2017.

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