After 8 successful albums and more than 20 years of experience, the one of a kind PREßBURGER KLEZMER BAND has graced the world with another beautiful project named BALADEN.


PREßBURGER KLEZMER BAND is the first band that started playing klezmer, a genre of Jewish music, in Slovakia.  During their 25 years long career the band has played more than thousand concerts in Slovakia and another 20 countries. They have released 8 CD albums, and have been awarded the Radio_Head Award for best CD in category world&folk in 2012.


In 2014 the band has come across the works of Arie “Ben Erez” Abrahamson, who has lived in Bratislava before the Second World War. Abrahamson has devoted his life to transforimg the works of the best poets writing in Yiddish into music. The PREßBURGER instantly fell in love with Abrahamson’s compositions, so they immediately started preparing their own ballads. The band has been working tirelessly for three years, playing dozens of concerts, trying new things, and adjusting the repertoire, until in in 2018 they finally released their CD titled BALADEN.

The BALADEN CD was a  huge success, and as a result the band has decided that the selection of their most beautiful ballads will become their first LP. In order to bring this idea to life, PREßBURGER has launched a crowdfunding campaign on platform HitHit with financial goal of 2 500 EUR. The campaign is now live and waiting for your support!