Slovakia: “Monthlies” – an educational documentary film about menstruation

Monthlies is a playful, creative, funny, and educational documentary film about menstruation helping teenagers to better understand this taboo topic. The film is enriched with animation, interviews with young people and various menstrual rituals from around the world.

There are many superstitions related to menstruation and the topic is generally viewed as something negative. Monthlies, though, reaches teenagers with its funny and positive mood. It also gives real-life tips to help ease the pains of becoming a woman.

A topic like this does not easily find support from traditional sources so the filmmakers decided to try crowdfunding via Indiegogo to raise additional funds. The campaign was successful and surpassed its target of $30,000 by $3,000. It was funded by 394 donors from 31 countries. The funds were used towards the production and postproduction of the film.



“Monthlies”, targeted at youth 9-13 years of age, is a spin-off of a successful documentary film “The Moon Inside You”, the project started off with a fan base of a couple thousand people. The team also contacted institutions as well as bloggers, journalists and film colleagues who they identified as either potential donors or potential communication channel.

The key to success of this campaign was the fact that the team treated the campaign as a full-time job. Communication was distributed via calls, texts, social and mainstream media, newsletters and frequent campaign updates.

Pre-campaign preparation took about two months and the campaign ran for 40 days. The campaign language was funny and clear and rewards ranged from a simple thank you to DVDs, T-shirts, earrings, a license to screen the film, to being an associate producer.

The film was released under a Creative Commons 4.0 NC-ND license, which allows anyone to make legal copies and use the film for non-commercial purposes. The campaign also helped bring the film to schools in Slovakia and other countries as an educational tool.

All together this makes “Monthlies” a very interesting campaign and it deserves to be presented as an example of best practices for crowdfunding in Slovakia.


You can watch Monthlies here.

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