Slovakia: Improving Bratislava through Crowdfunding

CIF, as part of the Crowd Fund Port project, has recently supported two crowdfunding campaigns – both focused on improvements in the city of Bratislava.  What both campaigns have in common the fact that they were carried out using their own website, as well as an established crowdfunding platform to boost the effectiveness and support of the campaign.


Plan Bratislava

The first project, Plan Bratislava, was running on StartLab. About a year ago, over 50 professionals got together to form a working group with a goal to find solutions for a better Bratislava.  This group created a comprehensive guide to make this happen – Plan Bratislava, the wholistic vision of the capital city in 12 thematic chapters. People who support this campaign can become the book’s editors.

The target sum of this campaign was 10 000 € and  668 supporters raised 16 540 € to support it. Thanks to their support, the book can get into the hands of everyone who cares about Bratislava and its future.

To see the video for this campaign, click here.

SOS: Give so people don’t freeze

The second project is a campaign organized by Vagus, a Slovak civic association, with support from the  ĽudiaĽuďom platform and using the payment system The winter came early this year and seven homeless people died in the streets of Bratislava. Although Vagus saved ten other lives, the organization desperately needed financing to act quickly during the coldest months. Thanks to the crowdfunding campaign SOS: Give so people don’t freeze, they raised the target amount of 30 000 € within less than a week and the campaign is still going on and you can support if you click here. So far, it has raised 34,284€.

Both crowdfunding campaigns were successful and important for the CROWD FUND PORT project as one of its goals is to raise awareness of crowdfunding.

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