Slovakia: “Gypsy” (“Cigánka” ) by Janette Motlová – a tale of two worlds within one country


Cigánka by Janette Motlová


Gypsy (Cigánka) by Janette Motlová is an autobiographical novel about life in two different worlds within Slovakia, one belonging to the whites and the other to Roma people.  The book was originally published in 2012, however, thanks to its big success and the potential to bring closer the two previously mentioned communities, the Socratic Institute decided to publish an updated edition, which continues to recount the personal story of Janette as it happened during the past 5 years.

When Janette started composing the novel, her goal was clear. The book was supposed to help the white people in Slovakia to understand how much influence they have over the lives of Roma people, as well as to make them realize that the manner in which they talk about Roma people in front of their children matters.


Gypsy is now being published by the Socratic institute, an educational programme for young people and future social leaders, which has launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to bring the novel into Slovak schools. The aim of the project is to encourage young people to think about the issues faced by different groups in their communities, and about what each of us can do to make the life in the community better.

The campaign with the funding goal of 5000 EUR is now live on crowdfunding platform Startlab, waiting for your support.

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