Slovakia: Crowdfunding chosen as the theme of the week by TASR – The News Agency of the Slovak Republic

TASR – The News Agency of the Slovak Republic has chosen crowdfunding as the theme of the week (1.12.2017-7.12.2017) with the overall aim to raise awareness of the topic. As part of this initiative, around 15 articles have been published at TASR‘s portal within 48 hours. The articles cover wide range of topics within the sphere of crowdfunding, such as crowdfunding in the EU, crowdfunding platforms in Slovakia, best practice, forms of crowdfunding,  or the risks of collective investing.

Crowd-Fund-Port‘s Slovak partner, Creative Industry Forum, has also prepared an article dedicated specifically to the Crowd-Fund-Port project, with a contribution from our very own Karsten Wenzlaff from ikosom – CFP’s German project partner.

In addition, TASR has also issued a press release informing about the Crowd-Fund-Port project.

For the complete database of articles on crowdfunding published as part of the theme of the week click here.

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