Skinners – the innovative compact footwear

Crowdfunding is a modern financing tool that helps SMEs to grow their businesses. As part of our Interreg-project Crowd-Fund-Port, we identified best practices from small and medium sized enterprises from all partnering countries and listed it in our Crowdfunding-project-mapping. Some of those campaigns will also be presented here in our blog.

Today we have selected an example of a design product, compact footwear, that you can easily fold and put in the pocket – the Skinners. Whether you are roller skating, cycling, at the gym or travelling… simply anywhere!

The idea of Skinners was born in 2015 in Norway, where one of the authors worked, and like most people during packing struggled with optimal number of things, what to take with him. Armed with ultralight jackets, lightweight towels and dehydrated food he watched how reserve boots occupy other half of the luggage. The “aha moment” to create a compact-storable shoe, came when my friend was recovering from foot injury. Simply he couldn´t fit his foot in classic shoes, or when he finally did it, it wasn´t very comfortable and the moisture inside was preventing healing. Prompted by the desire to help a friend and to enjoy his foot free and natural movement while providing adequate protection against erratic Norwegian weather, he picked up a needle and piece of fabric and started to work on the first prototype of Skinners.



What were the main reasons of the success?

The basic reason for the success of the project was the design and the idea, that introduced something new, that has not been at the market before. The prototype of the footwear was even awarded Red dot design award for the year 2017. This made the idea well known and served as assurance, that the idea is good, innovative and has a perspective to match with the market demand. The only step that was necessary for the product to get to the market was financing.

Followed by strong vision, endurance and hard work, two years after the first idea, the team introduced Skinners at its best into the daylight of Kickstarter. They pledged for 10,000 € and ended up with $654,557 from almost 10.000 backers. This meant that the project ended up with funding of more than 6 000 % of what they originally expected!

As another sources of financing the company also used Czech crowdfunding portal, and gained another 21,357 €, which made the idea of innovative sock shoes for travel and sport one of the most successful crowdfunding projects.

You can get more information about the project at the website

For the campaign the company used Czech crowdfunding platform HitHit and international platform Kickstarter. You can find more info about the campaign here:

During the crowdfunding campaign they reached the following goals:


Original goal was: 3,546 €
Final amount: 21,357 € from 503 contributors (602 %)



Original goal was: 10,000 €
Final amount: 654,557 € from 9,624 contributors (6545,57 %)

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