Restoring global climate with Rain for Climate

Rain for Climate has just launched a new crowdfunding campaign  on Indiegogo to raise funds to help reduce extreme weather. Rain for Climate provides know-how on rainwater retention that returns water back to continents, mobilizing a stronger global movement towards sustainable life on our planet. The team met with Creative Industry Forum and Karsten Wenzlaff from IKOSOM to brainstorm the best ways to run this campaign in Bratislava after the CrowdFundPort meeting in April, 2018.

A lofty goal?

Maybe, the aims are ambitious, but movements take time and Rain for Climate has been working to counter desertification and the destabilization of Earth’s thermoregulation, for many years. The campaign is timely now that we see the impact of water mismanagement by people and the consequences of natural disasters all over the world.

Specifically, the campaign will digitize part of a catalog of rainwater retention measures with step-by-step instructions on how to retain rainwater to achieve zero rainwater runoff. The campaign also plans to create a global re-hydration portal to allow for world-wide collaboration and crowdsourcing in this area.


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