Ready to invest into italian research

“ReaD y to InVEst” is the motto of DIVE, an Italian start up whose core business is to acquire technology from research centers and universities, and to translate it into products for markets ranging from renewable energies to food. Depending on the field of the technology acquired DIVE creates a specific development unit whose most important is ENERGY PLUS for sustainable energies and nanotechnologies aimed to enhance energy production. TREPANG is the unit consecrated to food while B.U.M the one for parallel activities.

DIVE is an Italian company based in Florence and it relies on two pillars: the first is an international management; the second a research lab based on green chemistry following the guidelines set by Prof. Norberto Roveri, Director of the Chemistry department of the University of Bologna. After one year Dive has reached a revenue of more than 160.000 euro and a net profit of 1198 euro.

To further develop itself DIVE launched a crowd funding campaign on CrowdFundMe aimed at collecting 100.000 euro without getting into debts toward banks. According to DIVE’s executive president, Mr Giovanni Baldi, the current growth pace obliges companies to look for alternative and non conventional fund raising.

Crowd funding showed to be an effective tool in DIVE development with 48.00 euro already collected and can represent a powerful instrument to invest in research and innovation as well as to create new job opportunities. The funds collected will serve to finance and improve both Energy Plus and Trepang units so to launch new business, to further develop management and to create new alliances with the US; Africa, and the far East.

Among the crowd individuals investing at least 5000 euro will be given priority to participate newcos while those investing more than 20000 euro will be part of a specific committee charged with evaluating new opportunities and suporting Senior Partners in evaluating the group’s new initiatives.

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