RAVAGE – An Infernal Hannibal Anthology

RAVAGE – An Infernal Hannibal Anthology

Are you a fan of HANNIBAL and INFERNO? Through Crowdfunding-platform Kickstarter, you can reserve your copy of a new book with exciting fan art. It’s called the RAVAGE ANTHOLOGY and it is a collection of writing and art, based on Bryan Fuller’s darkly alluring TV-show Hannibal and the world-renowned cantos of Dante Alighieri’s INFERNO, with a foreword by Mark Benecke. Publisher Romina Nikolic explains what the project is about and how fan-art and Crowdfunding fit together:Crowd-Fund-Port: What is RAVAGE ANTHOLOGY?

Romina Nikolic: RAVAGE is a 400-page hardcover fanbook that features fiction and art by 116 contributors based on Bryan Fuller’s TV-show “Hannibal”.

Crowd-Fund-Port: Tell us more about the projects’ background, please.

Romina Nikolic: We picked up hints from the TV show (and the books by Thomas Harris) about a connection between Hannibal Lecter and Dante Alighieri’s “Inferno” and asked our contributors to further explore these references. The Inferno’s main theme – recognition and rejection of sins like lust, gluttony, heresy, violence, and so on – provides a perfect playground to artistically deal with a character like Hannibal Lecter aka refined gentleman and cannibalistic serial killer.Crowd-Fund-Port: Why did you choose Crowdfunding?

Romina Nikolic: For independent book projects like ours, there is not really a place or agency to apply for funds. Especially not for the amount we needed. However, a big community of fans is there and eager to support their artist and writer friends. So it was the obvious choice to directly ask our fellow “Hannibal” fans to help us fund our project.

Crowd-Fund-Port: You already reached your goal. How do you manage your campaign?

Romina Nikolic: The driving factor of our campaign is the communication with our community. We are on various Social Media platforms and we try to keep everyone informed and engaged by posting daily updates on Twitter, for example, or hosting little challenges, offering special limited rewards and so on. We tried to keep our Kickstarter very clean and simple by not offering too many different reward levels. But our backers have the opportunity to upgrade their bundles with more goodies by helping us reach all of our stretch goals. At the moment we already surpassed three stretch goals and there are some more to come  

Crowd-Fund-Port: Thank you very much and good luck with your campaign!