Polish Traditional Songs

Traditional songs surprise with their timelessness, enjoying the growing interest in various corners of the globe. By entering this trend, the project goes back to Polish roots, promoting traditional songs in modernized arrangements and performing white-song workshops.

Polish folk

At the source of songs #2

Is’s a fresh look at the traditional Polish songs, singing workshops with the best specialists in Poland and incredible concerts in the heart of Gdansk. It is the second edition of the project which has placed in 2017. Five fantastic concerts performed last year by Percival, Żywiołak, Mosaik, Sutari, and Annutara. This year they want to invite Lautari and Jacek Hałas, Joanna Słowińska with the band, Same Suki, Orchestra of St. Nicholas, Ania Broda and Makaruk! Also, experts from various corners of the country will come to Gdańsk to lead workshops of traditional songs and singing “in an open voice” based on song material collected during years of field research in many regions of Poland.

This years edition needs support, the crowdfunding campaign implemented by Crowd-Fund-Port started 08.08.2018 and their goal is stretched from at least 7 800PLN to 38 500PLN (1 900 – 9200€ ). The number of concerts and workshops depends on which goal will be reached. Check the campaign page: U źródeł pieśni #2.

We hope that the campaign will be successful and the project will start in full splendor :).



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