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“When I grow up, I become myself”

Agnieszka is in her 40s, she have a daughter and she used to work in a corporation, without leaving her comfort zone, until she was suddenly thrown out of it. It made her finally get to know herself, let her meet hidden secret desires and dreams. And then, the Ciuciubabka Cafe in Gdynia was opened. Ciuciubabka connects generations, is kids-friendly and thus allows a moment of respite for parents. And what next? Then “When I grow up, I become myself” was written. A book about her, about mothers, sisters, friends and each woman who should look deep inside to find themselves. The book is biographical but every woman can find some of her there, it’s very inspiring and very funny.

After friends and customers convinced her that this book should reach all interested, she decided to publish it. Currently, the campaign is ongoing to achieve this goal on the crowdfunding platform Polakpotrafi.

“Super Queensize”

Monika is a graduate of AWFiS in Gdańsk, a mature woman born in deep PRL, at the beginning of the 1970s, a holistic fitness trainer and mother of two adult sons. It took her a long time to transform her mind, that physical activity is needed mainly not to be slim and to please others. It is just to feel good with herself, have an interesting life and a healthy, functional body. Finally, to feel that she’s doing something just for her and that she can take care of her well-being by taking care of her body. So, she decided to write a book about it. There are no exercises for specific muscle parts, except exercises for these invisible muscles – mental. You will not find recipes for delicious and healthy meals, which are full everywhere. The “Super Queensize” is not another book about fitness, it’s about FIT-change, which she created based on her own experience.

The campaign is ongoing on the crowdfunding platform Wspieram.to .


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