Poland: The power of dreams – The crown of the earth.

Finishing the project in 2018, when she climbed Everest, Miłka Raulin became the youngest Polish woman with the Crown of the Earth!

In 2011, the crazy idea came to Her head. The originator and the first conqueror of the Crown of the Earth (seven peaks), was the American businessman Richard Bass. He finished his own project winning Mt Everest. However, Richard Bass’s success was undermined by the great climber Reinhold Messner. According to Messner, in order to fully realize the project of the crown of the earth, it is necessary to get the Carstensz Pyramid located in western Papua, which is the highest summit of Australia and Oceania, not just Australia (eight peaks). In the end, its nine peaks on seven continents :)

The idea, however wonderful it was also very expensive. Fortunately, Miłka is a very open person who can infect people with her enthusiasm and positive energy. She shared her dream with others and that’s how the project was made. She divided it into several stages (one summit at each time/year). Each of them was successfully supported by people who believed in her. The Everest was the last expedition and the cost was about 100000PLN (24000€). She found some major commercial sponsors, but the amount of 45000PLN (11000€) was earned because of her hard work to convince lots of people to support. That story confirms us in the belief that Crowdfunding is a powerful tool that allows you to implement even the craziest ideas :)

Miłka has finished the Challenge on May  2018. She has climbed each summit on her first attempt.

The list of summits:

Summit Elevation Continent Range Country
Mt. Everest 8850m Asia Himalaya Nepal, China 2018
Mt. Kosciuszko 2228m Australia Great Dividing Austalia 2017
Mt. Vinson 4892m Antarctica Ellsworth Mountains 2016
McKinley (Denali) 6194m North America Alaska Range USA 2015
Carstensz Pyramid 4884m Australia – New Guinea Pegunungan Maoke Indonesia 2014
Cerro Aconcagua 6962m South America Andes Argentina 2013
Elbrus 5642m Europe Caucasus Russia 2012
Kilimanjaro 5895m Africa Kilimanjaro Tanzania 2011


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