Poland: Refreshment and Energy for the Summer


bottleKomponada is a natural and traditional Polish apple-flavored beverage called kompot. It’s created according to a grandma’s recipe passed down from several generations for over 100 years! It tastes best chilled.

Two students came up with an idea after visiting their grandma: “An important aspect of our compote is production without any artificial additives thanks to which Komponada is 100% natural. As every compote is sweetened, we decided to use Stewie to reduce the amount of sugar, which is why the composition contains only 3.8 percent sugar per 330 ml”.

The composition is not only a good taste and refreshment, it is also a journey back to memories from a grandmother’s dinner and carefree moments from childhood.

Komponada is already in distribution on Pomeranian district. The campaign supported by Crowd-Fund-Port starts in Autumn, and it aims to spread it further into Poland and release new flavors.

We’re hoping that they will succeed and spread all over the world and enable others to taste it :).


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