Poland: Izikoc® – multifunctional blanket.

Izikoc® is a smart & multifunctional blanket you can transform into a sleeping bag or wear it like kimono.

Izabela Szczepańska created an amazing brand based on her sensitivity and experience. She is a UX designer, in addition to designing websites, she’s also designer of original clothes and accessories* according to the idea of less is better – by buying these clothes you can be sure that buying one thing you have a lot of them. In an ingenious way, you can change your bag into a backpack, a dress into a bag or a blanket into a coat!

All items are unique and protected by a patent, which confirms their uniqueness.

Also, her designs are adapted for blind people who can not see the colors but love the touch, which is why she chooses the materials very carefully and add descriptions written in Braille.

And finally, she offers 20% discounts, for those who are ready to give someone life… by registering as a bone marrow donor :) It’s so little but changes a lot. As a designer, she believes in karma and that’s why she decided that in her store on IZIARTWEAR, the promotion will be available for everyone who likes to spread good. She works with the DKMS foundation and tries to make people register as bone marrow donors because “you are worth as much as you can give to the world”.

Her Ongoing campaign on the Polish crowdfunding platform wspieram.to aims at raising only 2000PLN (500€) so she can present her collection to the world and, above all, make the products herself on a new sewing machine.

*You can see (and buy) more beautiful things such as bags and jewelry, all handmade by this talented designer on Etsy

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