Poland: Electric scooter-sharing systems.

Scooter-sharing is the fastest growing electric system in Europe.

The last two years have been the dynamic development of shared means of transport – carsharing and scooter sharing – both in our country and in the world. This positive phenomenon contributes to reducing the number of vehicles in cities, reducing traffic jams, pollution and increasing the available public space in urban areas.

The Blinkee.city electric scooters are the example. The Polish premiere was in March 2017, when 5 two-wheelers left Warsaw. It soon turned out that the demand for the service is much greater. Its popularity among users surprised everyone – the brand finished the season with a fleet of 180 machines. Blinkee.city scooters are the company’s original project. Owners themselves designed their scooters, thanks to which they are independent of other technology suppliers. This allows continuous and free improvement of the fleet. Scooters can be rented straight from the street, and everything is done using a mobile application. You only pay for the time of use.

With over 900 vehicles in Poland, owners of blinkee.city recently planned to run their service in Sweden. Sweden is a country where there is a huge demand for ecological transport and city sharing solutions. The company already tested its fleet in Stockholm, and on October 25, FundedByMe started fundraising for operations in Scandinavia in exchange for shares. The goal of the collection was 200 thousand euro on Blinkee Nordic AB and in the end, has reached the maximum funding goal which is 209,300€ with help of 129 investors (5.62% of company’s shares). The Swedish company is already registered, an experienced Scandinavian partner is chosen, the application is translated into Swedish, and the first scooters are already running. The plan is 100 scooters for Swedes as early as March 2019. In return, the owners offer devotion to investors from 5.4 percent shares in a Swedish company. Shareholder crowdfunding relies on the financial support of the company in exchange for acquiring a certain pool of shares. This solution is ideal for people who want to invest in a business, but do not want to deal with the huge amount of formalities that are associated with it. The advantage is mutual – the brand receives the funds needed for development, and the investor receives shares in the company.Specification of the Blinkee electric scooter:

  • Range up to 80 km
  • Keyless START with your mobile app
  • Big trunk, with two helmets inside
  • Suitable for two people
  • 100% powered by electricity
  • Own electronics designed and manufactured

Another example is SCROOT  which in April 2017 launched the Urban Scooter System for the residents of Warsaw. The company intends to raise funds using the opportunities provided by equity crowdfunding and the Beesfund.com (https://scroot.beesfund.com) investor community. SCROOT S.A. counts on the interest of both large investors and smaller ones because the entry threshold is one share, the value of which is PLN 60. The funds obtained from the sale of shares will be allocated for the diversification and enlargement of the scooter fleet (also new electric vehicles), development of the IT system and mobile applications, conducting marketing activities and enlarging the team. All these activities are to provide Scroot with scaling the service, which in the long term will allow the company to take a strong position in the shared mobility industry. Shares are available, the collection lasts until 15.01.