Poland: Crowdfunding Fair in Sopot

The first Crowdfunding Fair in Poland will take place on March 22 on the management department of Gdańsk University in Sopot.

The Fair is directed to everyone who is looking for alternative forms of financing for their enterprise or simply want to know what’s Crowdfunding, such as schools in need of funds to implement innovative educational projects, students who lack funds to carry out research or participate in a prestigious international competition or people with passion and ideas, looking for a way to implement them.  Foundation/municipal institution in need of funds for the implementation of innovative activities, an investor seeking innovative ventures or just someone who want to become “business angel” by simply supporting selected ideas.

During the Fair, participants will have a chance to learn what crowdfunding is and where to start preparing a new campaign and the possibility to see successful projects and their originators. The answer how city dwellers can contribute to the creation of their immediate environment and learn new investment opportunities with small capital and the latest trends in crowdfunding, and among others – blockchain and ICO.

For this purpose, many experts were invited to explain what are the types of crowdfunding and how to best use the potential hidden in them: 20 stands, lectures, pitchings of Exhibitors, “speed dating” with experts, workshops for projects that took part in crowdfunding campaigns, round table for stakeholders, on which we will present the “Action plan” and platforms – exchange of good practices in Crowd-Fund-Port project.


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