#PARKOWISKO is a family project, during which children, parents, seniors, friends, artists, musicians, and all people with passion and heads full of ideas, will share positive energy, exchange experiences and have fun together in one of the of the district parks in Gdańsk. This meeting aims to integrate generations and exchange intergenerational experiences. Every month from May to September, we visit a different park together. Always looking for new sounds, bands, enthusiasts, beats, DJs and human passions to be able to get to know them and share them with others regardless of age – generations.

The idea is to take blankets, picnic baskets, whole families, and take the opportunity to spend all day on fresh air, together, and with great music in the background. Various thematic zones, such as the Kidzone, Activezone or Foodzone etc, make everyone find something for themselves.

The project is already being implemented from June 2018, but funds collected in this campaign will be intended for the SOUND OF GENERATION Festival at the end of the season.

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