Nosha – environmentally conscious backpacks for adults and children alike

When the founders of Nosha first met in Bratislava’s Impact Hub, each of them was looking for something else. Ivana wanted to design an ergonomic school bag, Julo was looking for a way to create a biodegradable backpack, and Ivana was looking for a meaningful project. Eventually, the three partners unified their vision, and so Nosha was born.

Nosha for kids 

The aim of Nosha is to bring functional backpacks that are gentle to our spines, as well as to the environment.

As the market research revealed, it was virtually impossible to find school bags with appropriate weight for the tiny bodies of school children, so the first Noshas were dedicated to kids.

The only ecologic backpack

What makes Nosha bags special is that they are not only lightweight and ergonomic, but also totally plastic free.

The bags weight only 0,75 kg and they are composed of fully biodegradable materials, such as cotton,  wool, and wood.

Nosha goes big

 Because Nosha for kids was a huge success, the founders decided to create Nosha for adults. In order to do so, the company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on platform HitHit, where it will be waiting for your support for the next 21 days.


The campaign is supported by Crowd-Fund-Port Interreg Central Europe.


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