National Round Table Poland

The polish national roundtable took place on the 7th September in Gdańsk. Gdańsk Entrepreneurial Foundation in Incubator STARTER hosted key local, regional and national stakeholders in crowdfunding: Jakub Sobczak from polish crowdfunding platform, Karol Król from and Michał Gromek from Stockholm School of Economics. The meeting was also attended by representatives of higher education institutions (Gdańsk University), municipal and regional institutions (Gdansk and Gdynia City Hall, Marshal’s Office, Voivodship Office) and SMEs with and without experience in crowdfunding.

The main aim of the Round Table was to integrate various stakeholders interested in promoting good crowdfunding practices in the region and to discuss how to promote crowdfunding as a viable alternative financial tool.

The main conclusions of the roundtable are as follows:

  • From the perspective of the local government, crowdfunding may be an excellent tool to complement the financing of social initiatives;
  • The key to increasing interest in crowdfunding is proper education;
  • Through the activities of platforms that do not set any requirements, the quality of projects that apply for crowdfunding platforms drops, and due to the lack of reliability of some entities trust in the phenomenon of crowdfunding also drops;
  • There is no law on crowd investing or crowdfunding in Poland, but there are other very clear regulations that define this activity. There is no need for excessive regulation.

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