Musicraiser, the platform where artists can launch their crowdfunding campaigns!

Music Raiser is an innovative digital platform where a team of young experts in digital strategies and fundraising coming from the music business helps you in building up your musical project through the web. Musicraiser is direct-to-fan platform where artists, musicians and bands can launch their crowd funding campaign and promote their music effectively! These are the numbers of Musicraiser in Italy:

– 5 million euros distributed to artists in 5 years

– 152.234 raiser

– 1303 projects funded until February 2018

– 39 projects financed since January 2018

– In Italy about 1000 albums have been published in 2017 and 200 albums have been financed by Musicraiser about 20%

Since crowdfunding, especially in music, is an increasingly popular method, Musicraiser can give some advice: which are the 8 major mistakes to avoid when launching your music crowdfunding project?
1. Be clear: Chose one main goal and go for it. Campaigns with several aims generally confuse the public and prospect funders. Take in mind your fans often do not tell the difference between production, mastering, recording and so on. Just be clear and simple in describing your project.
2. Do not ask for more than you need: your economic objective must be reachable and proportioned to your fan base. It is much better to raise more than expected rather than not reaching the goal. So before setting it, check your fan page and fan list.
3. Do not wait for miracles: a crowd funding campaign needs creativity in designing it and consistency in collecting. A major mistake is to talk about the campaign before launching it, and then forget about it once it is online as it can go on by itself. Reality is drastically different and your fans will participate only if they consistently feel that the project is important for you. So, Focus on it!
4. Do not stress your fan base: Communication is the key, use it in a smart way. You are promoting something important for you. Do not be boring and repetitive. The right way to communicate is storytelling so tell your story in a honest and direct way and remember to be loyal to your style, let people feel part of it. Publish pictures, anecdotes, thanksgiving videos as well as any material you can identify with.
5. Shoot a powerful presentation video: keep in mind that the video is like a business card. You should be able to convince in no more than 1:30/ 2 minutes your public in participating your project. Remember to shoot the video with the same passion and creativity you put in composing your music.
6. Do not offer ordinary rewards: remember that nobody will be interested in your plectrum unless you are one of the Artic Monkeys… your fan wants exclusive rewards, things they cannot find everywhere. Be creative!
7. Start the right way: the beginning of your campaign is crucial and it will directly affect the results. You will not have a second chance to impress your public. Start from the closest circles (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram). If they participate you will probably increase your base.
8. Don’t be late in rewarding your supporters: People gave you trust and the chance to make your dream come true reward them in short terms or, in case you know you can reward them in the medium long term only, communicate it to your fans.

Have a good crowdfunding time!

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