Poland: Modern patronage

Going further with the support of patrons


Girl with a camera and desire to be the citizen of the world. She always dreamed about her own travel channel and was able to make her dream real. In a lifestyle channel on youtube – Globstory, she shares her own experiences with others. She visited over a dozen countries, lived in Stambul and Barcelona. She traveled all over the world to tell the story about distant countries, amazing people and beautiful landscapes – about one planet but lots of worlds.



As she cares about content, fighting along the way with limitations – mainly hardware and financial. She’s doing everything alone – invents, drive, spin, she learned a photoshop, the assembly takes less and less time, but the appetite still grows.

She’s not doing it for money – every money she makes she spent on another expedition, hardware, and channel. With cooperation with Patronite, everything is possible, with every new patron she can do more and more. The patrons support her every month with the amount of money between 5zł and 300zł (1€ – 70€) to let her do what she’s good at. In exchange, they get personalized gifts as postcards from distant countries or featured name on the blog or even a movie on a chosen topic.

She collected 37909zł (over 8800€), about 3595zł (over 830€) per month from 137 patrons! It’s another proof that crowdfunding can help to get your goal using one of the crowdfunding platforms like patronite.pl

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