Memonik – the board game that overcomes barriers

Memonik is a unique kind of board game that focuses on tactile memory. Consequently, it can be played by people with acute sight, but also those with sight impairments, people speaking different languages, or belonging to different age groups – simply anyone who is interested in maintaining their mental health.  The excellent idea has not been left unrewarded – on top of satisfied customers, Memonik has been awarded the Slovak National design award and Czech award Design talent.




The rules of the game are quite simple. The board is composed of 36 pads that consist of 18 materials that can be found in our everyday surroundings, such as wood, cork, carpet, or wallpaper. The goal is to find as many pairs as possible, using only the sense of touch.

Memonik was seeking funding through crowdfunding platform Startlab. The campaign was successfully completed, with Memonik raising 5 798 EUR out of the required 5000 EUR.


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