Lumapod – The World’s Fastest Tripod (Interview)

In fall 2018, a young team from Austria started a Kickstarter-campaign called Lumapod – The World’s Fastest Tripod, aiming to finance the first series of their innovative travel-tripod. A few weeks later, 3,785 backers pledged €501,691 to help bring this project to life. Now the team is further pre-selling the Lumapod on Indiegogo, while finalizing the product-development, securing production and looking for new team-members. In an interview, Martin Grabner – founder and inventor of the Lumapod – told us some background stories, how they prepared for their Crowdfunding-campaign and what the are planning for the future.

Wolfgang: Hi Martin, you are the founder of Lumapod, an innovative tripod. Please tell us more about the product and the idea behind it.

Martin: I love traveling. And I always packed my tripod. But it is heavy, bulky and takes forever to set up. After a trip through Iceland, we decided to create a new kind of travel tripod, which is compact and fast to set up. We developed two different models and optimized it for different demands. So you can use Lumapod with your smartphone, GoPro, mirrorless or DSLR Camera. A quick and simple setup will empower you to take full advantage of every photo opportunity … 4 seconds and you’re ready to go.

Wolfgang: How long did you work on the prototype and when did you decide to enter the market?

Martin: I’ve been working on the project for about 2,5 years. Very soon it was clear that I want finance our product by using Crowdfunding. A lot of time went into development and prototyping. But we also had to invest a lot of time into topics like grant-applications and registering a patent and a trademark etc. As well as into the preparation of the Crowdfunding campaign itself. We defined the launch date a few months in advance and from there on we focussed everything towards this day.

Wolfgang: Why Crowdfunding?

Martin: Our product is perfect for Crowdfunding. On Kickstarter we were reaching exactly our target group for photography, design, tech and gadget. On the one hand, we did the campaign because of the financing. But Crowdfunding is much more than that. The campaign was also a market test. You can find out what the community thinks about your product and therefore you get a lot of feedback you can take into account before entering the market. If the campaign is successful (and it was) and the press covers you, you also get international marketing and can already build up a brand.

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