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Like many other areas we have already introduced, music and literature are also good examples of areas where crowdfunding can be used as a source of funding.

We always try to find examples that will show not only the possibilities that crowdfunding offers, but also draw attention to the interesting and inspiring ideas that can be realized using crowdfunding.

Nefnuka is originally a child book that describes the fate of a small boy who was born without hands and feet, yet he enjoyed plenty of adventure and found his great love. The book was so original and interesting that it attracted a well-known theatre director who decided to prepare a puppet theatre performance based on the story.

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He presented his idea to his friend, who is by chance a leader of the band The Tap Tap, a well-known Czech band consisting of musicians who all have a handicap and their concerts and performances promote the idea that a cheerful and happy life can be experienced even with disability.

The objective was to combine the idea of a theatre performance and The Tap Tap music group into a performance in which handicapped musicians would play musical instruments and, at the same time, use their electric wheelchairs to move scenes. The purpose of the show was to use the idea of the original book and show that the only one who really loses is the one who gives up in advance.


In order to realize the idea, it was necessary to get funding for the production of scenes and puppets, who are specially adapted so that it would be possible to travel with the performanc not only throughout the Czech Republic but also abroad.


The project was very successful, during the campaign they managed not only get the originally pledged amount19,681 €, but to get much higher amount 44,075 €.

For the campaign the authors used Czech crowdfunding portal

You can get more information about the whole project and the music group The Tap Tap at their webpage, or at their Facebook page

During the crowdfunding campaign they reached the following goals:

Original goal was: 19,681 €
Final amount: 44,075 € from 705 contributors (223 %)

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