Introduce Crowdfunding to your city

How To?

Crowdfunding is gaining increasing popularity all over the world, with the United States and Europe being the leaders. The internet-based Crowdfunding enables people from all over the world to contribute to things, services or events of their choice, regardless of distance, political barriers or cultural ties.

This, however, creates international barriers of various types, ranging from cultural background to regulation and legislation concerning finance flows, limits, taxation or money laundering. As a first step to introduce Crowdfunding to your cities, we have prepared an analysis of the Drivers & Fears of the Crowdfunding, which we will briefly present here and which can be found below to download it.

This analysis aims to determine these barriers that can slow down the growth of the Crowdfunding sector, experienced in recent years.
For a successful introduction the paper reveals:

  • An analysis of current Crowdfunding ecosystems
  • Shows the differences of non-legislative and legislative barriers
  • Finally gives an overview of regulations of the Central Eastern European Countries


What are the 3 most relevant drivers for Small or medium-sized enterprises to use Crowdfunding in your opinion?


What are the 3 most relevant drivers for supporters to support a CROWDFUNDING campaign?


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Study on drivers and fears of society for Crowdfunding
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