Internet collections in Poland are blooming. – one of the Polish crowdfunding platforms – has prepared a report on crowdfunding in Poland. Let us take a look at some of the major changes observed over the last two years. The internet social campaigns are experiencing a boom. Within two years, the number of supporting people has jumped by over 70%.

Over 450 thousand zlotys collected through the Patronite website by the Sekielski brothers for the production of “Just Don’t Tell Nobody”, a famous film about paedophilia in the Church, or 4 million zlotys paid by over 9 thousand people through the Beesfund platform to support Wisła Kraków (in exchange for the shares of the club) are two spectacular successes of this year’s online fundraisings, which drive the still crawling crowdfunding market.

There are more similar examples. Companies willingly reach for such financing, not only in Poland. Last month, Hyper Poland’s startup, working on the Polish super-fast vacuum railway, raised PLN 1 million in the British Seedrs. WarSaw Games, the producer of the game “Counter Terrorist Agency”, supported 730 fans on the American Kickstarter, thereby promoted the title among the Kickstarter community and collected funds that will allow enriching the game with new content.

Łukasz Blichewicz from Assay Group, which specializes in cooperation with startups, is not surprised by the popularity of this form of project financing. He explains that share crowdfunding is a good alternative both for newly established companies and for investors, for whom even a small financial contribution gives the possibility of profit with relatively low risk.

Although transfers worth up to PLN 50 predominate, the biggest increase, i.e. by 73%, was recorded in the range of PLN 251-500. It is on Sundays and Mondays that Poles make the most valuable transfers. Although community financing is the domain of young and middle-aged people, the number of older people and Internet users aged 65+ has increased the most in the last two years.

Although it is surprising, crowdfunding platforms are visited mainly by women (61.5%), mainly in the 25-34 age group (23.97%) and 18-24 years old (15.68%). It is also mostly the women (59.35%) that pays money for online drop-ins. However, the vast majority of men (65.51%) who are the organizers of these events.

Nearly half of the deposits (49.3%) are made from Tuesday to Thursday, although on Thursdays (16.7%) the largest number of transfers are made. The largest amounts, exceeding PLN 500, are transferred mainly on Tuesdays (17.6%).

When Poles make bank transactions and fund collections on the Internet, the vast majority (94%) of them use instant transfers. They do it most often in the afternoon and evening hours. Their peak falls between 20:00 and 21:00.

All the data presented in the text was prepared on the basis of the analysis of 345 thousand deposits on the platform.