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What is best practice in the participating countries?

We will show you best practice examples from the participating project countries. We start with Slovenia. Over time, all participating countries will follow.



The best Slovenian Crowdfunding project & campaigns that won the 1st Slovenian Crowdfunding Oscar, the ‘Crowdy 2017’, organized by Slovenian crowdfunding community ‘Crowdfunding Meetups:


1. Category: Campaigning – the best video

Project GINA , a smart coffee machine raised $501,000 on kickstarter platform. Gina was backed by almost 2,400 people and the team’s goal of collecting € 50,000 was reached in less than eight hours after the start of the campaign.

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2. Category: The Biggest number of backers

Project QuickShoeLace, One HAND tying “QuickShoeLace” as a new fashion accessory, raised $143,477, on Kickstarter platform and was backed 4,057 backers

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3. Category: The most innovative project

Project MAG-LEV Audio , The First Levitating Turntable, raised $552,178 on Kickstarter platform and was backed 717 backers.

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