Greenstorm- Our innovative e-mobility rental concept ensures full hotel bookings and environment friendly fun for Austrian tourism

Crowdfunding is a modern financing tool that helps SMEs to grow their businesses. As part of our Interreg-project Crowd-Fund-Port, we want to support all small and medium sized enterprises from all partnering countries. This month we would like to introduce a really outgoing and “cheeky” campaign which is supporting Austrian hotels with its innovative business.

Greenstorm- Our innovative e-mobility rental concept ensures full hotel booking and environment friendly fun in Austrian tourism areas.

Hoteliers can exchange seasonal vacancies at the Tyrolean company Greenstorm Mobility for e-bikes, e-cars and e-filling stations.

The innovative rental concept sounds simple and is simple: the hotelier issues Greenstorm Mobility a voucher for the often seasonally vacant rooms. In his equivalent, he can choose from a portfolio of 3,000 e-bikes and e-cars such as the Tesla X. The hotel vouchers will be resold by Greenstorm Mobility on various platforms by 15 to 40 percent below the normal price. More information about greenstorm here on Facebook

Why is the idea so successful?

The hoteliers benefit twice from the deal: On the one hand, the discounted resale of hotel vouchers leads to a busy house even out of season. On the other hand, they can offer their hotel guests an attractive mobility service and thus set themselves apart from the competition – without any additional investment costs.

You should know good partners

Hotel guests can recharge the e-vehicles at the charging stations of Greenstorm Mobility and SMATRICS. These are displayed in the apps and on the websites of both partners. In addition, the companies set themselves the goal of promptly offering 800 charging stations between Munich and Verona or Vienna and Bregenz. “Our business model is based on creating a win-win situation. Now we have taken a further step and created a new advantage for our customers by working with SMATRICS, “says Greenstorm CEO Philipp Zimmermann.
Greenstorm is using Austrian’s Crowdinvesting platform CONDA to finance more e-bikes to reach out all hotels in Austria.

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