Poland: Fun without electicity

From the idea to the campaign.

Lots of young people are coming back to board games and the demand for them continues to grow. New items for children and youngsters are still popping on the market but there are very few such games for BIG fans! However, there are many ideas and with little help, they can succeed. At the moment two of them will start the crowdfunding campaign in November 2018 with the support of Crowd-Fund-Port.


A group of board game fans and a group of friends at the same time. “From Space” is the fulfillment of theirs innermost fantasies about the board games. They have been working on it since May 2017 but in February 2018 they got lucky. The substantive support in the construction of the campaign was offered to them and here it is! (http://www.fromspace.pl/)

FROM SPACE” is a 45 min, tactical board game for 2-4 players, reminiscent of sci-fi movies from the 50s. It refers to the Roswell incident, on July 2, 1947, where the Yankee army shot down a UFO. Three superpowers clash over the shipwreck. Each of them wants to acquire cosmic technologies that will give them an advantage in the cold war and thus global domination. Meanwhile, aliens are trying to repair a broken spaceship and return home. Therefore the conflict has started. People have to cooperate to defeat the aliens. However, only one can win. Would others let it? Players have to decide…


Another interesting idea transformed into a long-term project since 2008! “POST FUTURE” is a very dynamic, tactical board game, in which you will fight for survival with other people who are marauding among the ruins of the old world. Players vie for domination by eliminating each others using a wide range of weaponry and throwing dice…But what exactly is Post Future? Are you strong enough to survive in the chaos of a new civilization?

For answers, you need to follow the fate of the project!


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