Motivators and Concerns of the Crowd     

This research aims at empirically investigating the motivation and fear of the crowd in investing and donating. In particular, it is directed to the stakeholders in the various countries involved in the project (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Part of Germany-Ikosom from Berlin, Part of Italy – University of Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna). The objective of the research is to bring out the limits that potential investors are having and what are the elements that can act as facilitators for improving support. A questionnaire was set by the countries participating in the project to some stakeholders with the aim of obtaining qualitative information. The questionnaires (108) were submitted to the partners between February and March 2017. The research was coordinated by the Metropolitan City of Bologna.

Fig. Basic motivation model

The results

Fig. Barriers
Fig. Motivation on donation

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What are the most relevant drivers for supporters to donating?
Answer: The three main drivers are personal relation, clear goals, level of innovation.

What are the 3 most relevant drivers for SMEs to use Crowdfunding?
Answer: The three main drivers are marketing, lack of bank finance, tools community

What are three mains fears supporters associate with crowdfunding?
Answer: The three main fears are project fraud, lack of information, lack of profits.