Webinars are mainly for platform operators

The project “CrowdfundPort” is organizing a series of webinars dedicated to improve the exchange of information between Crowdfunding platforms in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia, but platforms from other countries are also more than welcome to join the debate.

The webinars will take place on the following dates:

New developments in donation-based Crowfunding
(January 8th 2018, 16.30-17.30)

More details here: Eventbrite: Donation-based.

This webinar is especially targeted at donation-based Crowdfunding platforms.

New trends in reward-based Crowdfunding
(January 22th, 16.30-17.30)

Please register here: Eventbrite: Reward-based

This webinar is especially targeted at reward-based Crowdfunding platforms.

Equity-based Crowdfunding- Blockchain and ICO
(February 5th, 16.30-17.30)

Please register here: Eventbrite: Equity-based cf- blockchain and ICOs

The webinar is targeted at equity-based platforms.

Equity-based and lending-based Crowdfunding
(February 12th, 16.30-17.30)

Please register here: Eventbrite: Equity and Lending: Regulation

The webinar is targeted at equity- and lending-based platforms.

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