Fashion Map – Digital Map of Slovak Design

Slovak Fashion Council has recently launched a new crowdfunding campaign via platform Startlab. The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for a unique digital map of Slovak design.

Fashion Map

Anyone who has visited Slovakia knows that shopping for luxurious clothing is a national sport. People who want to take part in this popular leisure activity often opt for one of the many shopping centres that offer a selection of international brands, or even travel abroad. Unfortunately, few people are aware of the fact that many outstanding, original, and yet affordable pieces are being made also in Slovakia.

Consequently, Slovak Fashion Council has decided to create Fashion Map, a simple and practical map of Slovak design that aims to promote local fashion designers among locals and tourists alike.

The digital map is a continuation of an ongoing attempt to promote Slovak design industry. The initiative originally started with 10 000 paper maps available in both, Slovak and English, that were handed out to locals, as well as the foreign visitors interested in bringing back unconventional souvenirs from their travels.

The campaign is now running on Startlab with plenty original rewards for those who help to reach the financial goal of 5000 EUR necessary for, programming, and promotion of the product.



The project has been supported by Crowd-Fund-Port.



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