Eligo: Made in Italy meets Crowdfunding

Eligo Milano, the first platform of personal stylists and custom clothing professionals, has recently run its crowdfunding campaign on the Italian platform 200Crowd. Its objective was to raise € 80,000 to help the company consolidate the growth of the network and the expansion in foreign markets, particularly in the Emirates and Singapore. The campaign pledged more than € 160,000, attracting 74 investors.

The main goal of Eligo is to connect Made in Italy lovers with a network of tailor-made consultants, called “sartorialists”. Today, over 55 sartorialists are digitally connected through a dedicated platform. They are experienced professionals who take a new business opportunity without any investment or risk and have, at the same time, high commissions on sales. In addition, sartorialists have the possibility to attend a “tailor-made” Academy and to take advantage of innovative technological and marketing services.

The megatrends of the global market of personal luxury goods show that the export of Made in Italy clothing has grown by +40% in the last 3 years, for a total of $ 49 billion. There are over 400 million consumers of luxury goods in the world, a figure expected to grow for the next few years (450 million in 2025, as the result of further growth in the Asian market and an increase in the urban population on a global scale). Despite this growth, the number of Italian tailors and artisans has a negative trend. In addition, tailors living abroad are few, often with poor skills and face difficulties in being able to advise customers. As a consequence, there is still a large group of customers who can not access to an easy and fast tailoring service with expert advice.

Eligo was founded by three young people with a solid background in sales management, finance, marketing, communication and digital innovation. Eligo is also an innovative start-up associated with the London IStarter accelerator.

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