Crowdfunding and beverage- what an unbeatable team!

We want to introduce to you the “Dürnberg” crowdfunding campaign, which is perfect proof that enjoyment and crowdfunding go well together.

The popular winemakers from Dürnberg were not only looking for financial support to extend their vineyard. They were also focusing on creating a big crowd to connect with people who enjoy a good wine and want to give them feedback on their product. And the crowd has been very passionate about the project.

The concept of the winemakes, which was creating a club and a foundation for get-togethers with many people who are just as passionate about wine as they are, was a huge success.

The Austrian campaign was launched on 1000× and convinced more than 200 people to support the winemakers!

These people are now members of the Club Dürnberg. They will not only benefit form annual interest, but also enjoy get-togethers with many other wine-friends as well as enjoy exclusive wine selections that are not available commercially!

Take a look at the projekt by following this link!

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